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    The Vid Badge provides innovative and completely unique solutions designed to promote strong growth in your business.
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Deliver your message

Provide valuable information with professional content.

Connect with your clientele without overtly aggressive sales tactics.

Increase your sales

Announce new products

Job fairs, training events, conventions or social events.

Direct customers to your products

Third party advertising

Enhance your customers’ purchasing experience


How would you like to capture the attention of today’s consumers?

The professionals behind Vid Badge have a solution that may surprise you. The Vid Badge, a small device worn on your clothing, provides a way to engage with customers while introducing them to your products and services.

Imagine being able to connect with your clientele without overtly aggressive sales tactics that may make people feel uncomfortable. With Vid Badge, you can reach your customers in a hip, attractive way that demonstrates your intelligent use of cutting edge technology.

About the Vid Badge Digital TAG

When most people hear the term digital tag, they think of scrolling ID badges used in the early 2000s, but our Digital TAG is much more functional and state-of-the-art.

The customizable content displayed on our screens ranges from plain text or still images to full-motion video content with optional audio. In other words, you can display informational content, advertisements or entertainment in a prominent way that people actually enjoy.

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Fresh Solutions

With the Vid Badge, you can benefit from features like these:

  • The size of a standard business card
  • Customize your own content
  • Requires no special software
  • Displays standard video file formats
  • Clear, scratch-resistant screen
  • Handles multiple video playlists
  • A sturdy magnetic fastener holds the device securely
  • Lightweight and doesn’t damage clothing
  • Allows for professional video or promotional slide shows
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If you’re ready to get a valuable leg up in today’s consumer-driven marketplace, contact Vid Badge and wear your Digital TAG with pride.

How You Directly Bnefit from the Vid Badge?

Business owners use the Vid Badge in many creative ways during events like trade shows, special retail sales, restaurants, bars or nightclubs and even exhibition events, but in truth, the Vid Badge works for anything. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to getting your content to your target audience.

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